Jen Robin, founder of life in general

I’m Jen and this is my blog (spoiler alert!). I am a thirty year old Professional Organizer that lives in sunny Redondo Beach, CA. My company, Life in Jeneral is my biggest passion come to life. Every day I try to live my life proud of the person I am becoming and to be better each day. Oh, and I own the worlds cutest dog, Charlie. (Trust me: I’m not biased at all. Check out my pics…)

I started blogging in 2008 because my dad said I had a horrible memory. His loving suggestion? “Jen, you need to document your life somewhere so you don’t forget it.” As it turned out, thanks to his advice blogging quickly became my biggest passion. And now I have proof that all of these things actually took place!

Here you will find my daily inspirations: my dog (Charlie), food, organizational tips, decorating ideas and more!

Why am I here? For starters, my memory stinks. But truthfully, I do this to share my passion, give you a glimpse into my life (nothin’ to hide here), and hopefully inspire a few people on the way. Now… go organize your closet!

Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Hey! I'm Jen, founder of Life in Jeneral, and this is my blog (spoiler alert!). Here you’ll find tips on living an organized life textured with bits and pieces of other things I swoon over. Enjoy!

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