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Home Org Tips

Mail. It’s basically the best and worst thing ever. How fun is it to receive a letter or an invitation!! And open it as soon as you see it, probably dropping something in the meantime. Then squeezed in between are the inevitable bills and junk mail. Womp womp. You go through and open a few […]

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Laundry Room

We can all agree that any room can end up being a catch-all for whatever it is that doesn’t have a place or isn’t put pack in its place. But we think it’s safe to say that the laundry room is definitely on the top of that list, where things just seem to accumulate. Start by […]

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Clothing Storage

Space can be hard to come by, let alone storage (especially if you live in the city!). So anything to get a few inches of more storage space sounds like a win in our book! File folding. We have mentioned this before, but we can’t stress it enough! The file folding method is a way […]

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1 drawer, 4 ways

Organizing drawers can be a lot like a real life version of Tetris. Configuring and re-arranging so everything can fit just right. Some drawers need all the compartments they can get and others may need just one or two. We like to measure the drawers, gather everything that we want inside each drawer, and head […]

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Personal Gym Organization

Workout in pajamas? We’re in! That sounds awesome, but we realize it is a little more than that. Creating a home gym space that is consistently neat and motivating is quite the task. There are so many different pieces of fitness equipment that one can own (shake weight anyone??) that can quickly take over the […]

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Playroom Organizing Tips

We have seen our fair share of playrooms and it is safe to say that it is near impossible to have only 5 trucks or only 5 dolls. Holidays, birthdays, good behavior, whatever the reason, toys accumulate at such an incredible rate! With so many toys, kids can forget what they even have! The best […]

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Garage Organizing Tips

We find that most people tend to use their garage as a storage unit and it ends up a cluttered mess. Kind of like the “junk drawer” in the house, the garage tends to be a catch all for all the miscellaneous things and it all piles up. Whether you take the weekend and tackle […]

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We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring!! Life in Jeneral is looking for people who are passionate about inspiring others to find new ways to de-clutter, simplify and live more fulfilled, organized lives. We’re looking for personal organizers, both team leaders and assistants, who are patient and compassionate to those who are organizationally challenged, have a genuine need to help […]

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How to make more time for yourself (no matter how busy you are)

Life gets busy and without even thinking, we manage to slip to the bottom of the priority list. Too often our lofty to-do lists take over and when you do find 5 five minutes to yourself, it usually consists of taking a shower. Continue to work hard and set ambitious goals, but at the same […]

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How to keep your Macbook organized

Back in college we took notes (on paper! say what!!) Everyday after class was a mission to go through them all and organize them neatly with tabs and labels. You can imagine how time consuming and maybe a little crazy that was. Now everyone takes notes on their computers, duh! Computers have turned into virtual filing cabinets, […]

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