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Spring Cleaning: How to sell your used clothing

Let’s be honest, most closets are filled with great clothing pieces that just don’t seem to get worn as often as they should. That also doesn’t mean we should continue to hold onto them, but it can be hard to just give away or donate clothing pieces when you spent a pretty penny for them. […]

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i am always on the hunt for the perfect gift for people. something that people will love, use, and have for forever. DOES THAT EVEN EXIST?! insert This is Ground leather accessories! i discovered another product called Cord Tacos via Real Simple “6 clever items to simplify your life” and i was hooked. as a […]

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do you have a million passwords written down somewhere? or sticky notes on your computer, or even in a spreadsheet? if you’re like me you have a million passwords and it freaks me out to have them stolen. as if my life would be over if that happened (okay, a little dramatic but you get […]

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