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You can find me making batches of cookies, blaring Christmas music, and singing “All I want for Christmas is youuuu, oooohhh baby!” (I sound just like Mariah Carey, promise!) Ahhh I love the holiday spirit and the wonderful aura that comes over our busy city this time of year. I especially look forward to all the traditions my friends and family carry on. I love our family walks (after eating too many cookies) and looking at all the pretty lights together. These simple traditions give me a sense of comfort. Traditions should create a feeling of unity and closeness. They can be big or small; it is all about incorporating the whole family (or friends) and making everlasting memories year after year. Life gets busy and adding a small tradition here or there can make all the difference.

Start a tradition for the whole family & friends

Family tradition starter set:

#1 Think about your culture and the past, did you have any traditions growing up? It can be as simple as watching a movie altogether or making a special dish for Thanksgiving. Or maybe you didn’t have any traditions growing up… either way, it is never too late to start your own or pass along the ones you already have.

#2 Think about what your family (or friends) like to do and how you can get everyone involved. Annual potluck? Decorate cookies? Game night?

#3 Quality over quantity. It can be tempting to start a lot of traditions, but focus on the ones that resonate with your family.

#4 Lastly, it doesn’t have to be a holiday to start a tradition. The routine of reading a book to your child at night or going on a family walk on Sunday… whatever it is be consistent and before you know it, you’ll have a tradition.

There is no right way to traditions. Creating a feeling of inclusion and happiness with your family is priceless. They should be fun and reflect your own crazy family!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

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