Party Planning: Thanksgiving

There are so many wonderful things about Thanksgiving: being with loved ones, football, and of course the delicious food! Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and appreciate all that we are fortunate enough to have. Although, if you are the host, you may be thinking more about what groceries to buy, who will sit where, and how long it takes to cook the turkey! There are a lot of details that go into making Thanksgiving so special (and the timing of it all!).

thanksgiving details

Plan out the menu and who is bringing what. Then make a schedule based on timing. What takes the longest to bake and what needs to be reheated? This will be a good reference for the day of, when things tend to get a little chaotic. Prep as much as you can beforehand. Bake your pies, cut your veggies, and make that gravy the day before!

Get your serving ware out and label what each dish will be responsible to hold. This also makes it easy for guests to help out and place the mashed potatoes in the correct bowl!

Thanksgiving details and how to party plan

party planning for Thanksgiving

Consider putting together a cheese platter for guests to nosh on. Get a variety of cheese with different textures. Pair it with a selection of bread and crackers. Add some cured meats, nuts and olives (salty!). Along with preserves, honey, or dried fruit (sweet!). Grapes and apples add a nice refreshing bite! Oh and label the cheese so you won’t have to recite the names all evening.

Party planning, how to create a simple and festive table

Get the tablescape ready beforehand and any décor you want to add. Feeling fancy? Go with a gold theme (you can spray paint leaves, branches, & pumpkins gold!). Want more of a cozy cottage feel? Add candles, succulents, and a great tablecloth. More traditional? Grab some flowers and call it a day. Ps. Kid’s tables are a great idea! Wrap the table in craft paper and leave some crayons out for them to color.

Some finishing touches: You can print out a menu for each place setting or add place cards. Have everyone write what they are thankful for and read them after dinner (make it a tradition!). And to-go boxes are a great way to share the love (yes please!). Lastly, take a minute to enjoy your surroundings. Take a step back and feel the love and see everyone chatting and spending time together…. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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