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1. My inbox is overflowing with emails. How can I organize them so they won’t constantly build up?
Clean it up. Emails should not just be hanging around in your inbox. Go through them all and delete the ones that you no longer need. For emails that you never read or open, go ahead and hit unsubscribe. It will save you time and space. Now create folders with categories for the emails you want to hold on to and file them accordingly. There are also programs like and Bommerang for Gmail that can help assist in the clutter madness by helping you to unsubscribe and defer emails to come to your inbox at a later time.

2. I have so many re-useable water bottles, what do I do with them all?
Gather them all and start sorting. Make sure that you have all the working parts to the water bottles and only keep the ones that you and your family actually use. You can always donate the rest. Water bottles are a little challenging to store, since they can have multiple parts and are rather unstable. If you have quite a few bottles, an over the door organizer will work great. Otherwise, you can grab a few tall bins and store them in the pantry or in a cabinet.

3. Any tips on keeping the clothes in my drawers organized?
Sometimes you don’t even know what is in your drawers when you stack or toss everything inside. Group similar items together, color coordinate, and designate what will go in each drawer. The file folding method is a way of folding clothes to save space and keep logos or patterns displayed. It is essentially exactly what it sounds like, fold clothing to fit in the depth of the drawer and file the rest in behind it. This way you are able to see every item inside the drawer and they are easily accessible. To help keep the clothing in precise rows, use dividers.

4. The middle console in my car is overflowing, how do I contain the clutter?
The car can sometimes be a catchall, so it is a good idea to keep something in the car that acts as a trash bag. There are some specifically for the car or a re-useable bag works too. Organize the paperwork that needs to be in the car (insurance cards, registration, etc.) into envelopes and label them. Depending on the width and depth of the console, grab a few compartments or pouches to keep the essentials organized; pens/pencils, tissues, notepad, hand sanitizer, mini first- aid kit, pepper spray (just in case!). If you have a family or find that you have way more stuff that does not fit inside the console, there are organizers that strap on to back of the seats for more storage.

5. How to organize on a low budget?
Whether on a budget or not, a simple purge and a few key product purchases will go a long way. Use what you already have. There are so many options in re-using one thing for another. Go through your things and see what you can use to help organize. Once you figure out what you can re-use, then you will be able to decide on what specific products to purchase that would really benefit your space. Focus on one space at a time and purchase items for that specific space, then move onto the next. This will prevent purchasing organizing items on a whim and will be easier to see what each space needs. Small changes that do not require money are file folding (your drawers), color coordinating, and labels. Shoeboxes work great as photo boxes, recipes, or Legos. Cover with fabric or paper to make it feel like it goes with the space. Grab a chalkboard maker and label old jars (from spaghetti sauce, jelly, coconut oil) for food storage or to organize a craft space.

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