Spring cleaning: organizing kid’s art supplies/art room

Before the organization begins, you will need a child (or two), a few pieces of scrap paper, and a pencil sharpener. Have them go through all the markers by using the scribble test and toss any that have dried up or are goopy. It is also a great time to sharpen all colored pencils and toss any dried up paints & clumpy paintbrushes. Gather all the kid’s art supplies from backpacks, closets and anywhere else and plan to store them all in one practical location.

Playful storage for kids art supplies

Now onto the goods! Divide each art supply into separate categories and label the drawers accordingly. It is totally okay if you do not have enough supplies to fill each drawer, leave them empty until you find a reason to use them. A good rule is keeping one drawer per supply and not letting them overflow into multiple drawers—it will help to keep the clutter to a minimum and encourage kids to use what they already have. When it comes to storing kids art supplies, we wanted to keep it fun and playful, so we chose a large rainbow drawer set and added some labels to make things easy to find and put away. Side note: if you have younger kids (or even high schoolers ha!) you may want to store paint supplies out of their reach!

Organize the kids art room

how to store kids art supplies

We love a good #roygbiv organization, but it can be relatively hard for the kids to maintain, so having all the markers in one drawer is a win in our book!

compartment organization

These compartment inserts also make it easy to store glitter, sequins, or any other small accessories within the drawers. A more mobile option would be to create an art supply caddy. This is great for the essentials and can be stored in a closet where the kids can easily access it and bring it to the table or take it to a friend’s house. If you are short on space, an over the door shoe organizer (with clear pockets) for the closet can work great as well, just keep the kids supplies closer to the bottom so they are able to reach!

Whether you have a whole room devoted to arts and crafts or maybe just a closet to house supplies–keeping things organized, labeled and in their place will make for easier cleanups and more masterpieces to hang!

P.S. With all this organization and inspiration, it may be time to set up a place to display all the works of art that will be coming your way!

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