Clothing Storage

Space can be hard to come by, let alone storage (especially if you live in the city!). So anything to get a few inches of more storage space sounds like a win in our book!

File folding. We have mentioned this before, but we can’t stress it enough! The file folding method is a way of folding clothes to save space and keep logos or patterns displayed. This makes everything easy to see and utilizes all of the drawer space. Whereas piles you can only see the item on top and tend to forget about everything underneath (or crammed in the back).

use the dead space under the bed  for more storage
Dead space. These under the bed storage drawers are AHHMAZING for anyone who needs more storage (or anyone for that matter!). However, these under bed storage bags also do the job! This is a great place to keep seasonal or bulky clothing that tends to take up more space (like sweaters!). The back of doors and wall hooks are also great options for outerwear and hats.

Keep a seasonal drawer and rotate throughout the year
Hangers. Having the same hangers (we love these thin non-slip ones) may seem like a small detail, but when they all align perfectly and there are no hangers sticking out or caught on another piece of clothing, you will actually gain a considerable amount of space. And to gain a few inches in a small closet makes it totally worth it! It also makes the space look clean and cohesive.

Think vertically. Add a shelf above a clothing rack, in between (pictured) or even raise the clothing rack in order to create ample space underneath for a shoe rack or small dresser. Since pants/jeans can take up quite a bit of space on a hanger, fold and stack on shelves. Or file fold into a drawer/basket/bin to keep them contained and easy to see. If you don’t have a closet or you’re just looking for extra storage, a sleek stand-alone clothing rack should do the trick!

Different ways to store clothing and make the most of your space
It is always a good idea before you begin organizing/storing clothes to go through your closet every few months or when the seasons change to help clear the clutter. It will be easier to organize and store your clothes (& quicker to get dressed!) knowing you love everything you own. Take a peek at our closet clean out post to start de-cluttering your wardrobe!

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