Digital organizing: How to organize your apps

My phone pretty much stores my life, which is of course a double-edged sword. I love that there is an app for this and an app for that, but I also don’t want to be on my phone 24/7. So naturally, I want things organized so I can be as efficient as possible. With over a million apps available (that just blows my mind!) it makes sense people have to scroll through 5 pages to find the app they are looking for! But apps are supposed to simplify life and make things easier, not harder! I suggest organizing apps by type and putting them in a labeled folder.

organize your apps by type to make them easier to find

I have definitely downloaded multiple apps thinking, wow this is going to be so helpful, and haven’t used it since. Quickly go through your phone and delete the apps that you don’t even remember downloading, or have never actually used.

Start at the home dock (at the very bottom of the home page). Put your most frequently used apps there or the most practical (phone, email, etc.). You can actually check what percentage of battery is used on each app by going to settings and then battery and it should list them.

Now you can start organizing by type. Gather all of the same type of apps, put them in a folder, and label it. When labeling, add a space in between each letter for a different look or capitalize letters (emojis are a fun addition too!) Here are some suggestions:

s o c i a l. <Instragram. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube.>
DAILY <Calendar. Clock. Reminders. Notes.>
Photo <Camera. Photos. VSCO cam. Picstitch.>
f i t n e s s <Nike Running. Hiit Timer. Health.>
LISTEN <Pandora. Apple music. Podcasts.>
Money <Bank. Stocks. Venmo.>
o r g a n i z e <Genius scan. Evernote. Cozi.>
UTILITY<App store. Weather. Calculator.>
Games. <Game center. Lumosity.>

If you are not quite sure where an app should go, create a miscellaneous folder. Alphabetize the folders from left to right or keep the most frequently used folders on the top row. You can also move the folders to a different home page if you only want a few folders per page. The whole idea is to make the apps more accessible and easier to find. After they are all organized, it will take some time to get used to where everything is located. And when you download a new app, just place it in the appropriate folder to keep things clutter free! Happy organizing!

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