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Mail. It’s basically the best and worst thing ever. How fun is it to receive a letter or an invitation!! And open it as soon as you see it, probably dropping something in the meantime. Then squeezed in between are the inevitable bills and junk mail. Womp womp. You go through and open a few more and toss them haphazardly back in the envelopes. Leave the stack piled on a miscellaneous table or desk that you will eventually get back to (hopefully before the bills are due!). And before you know it, a nice little paper mountain has formed and you are overwhelmed at the sight of it! Sound about right? Instead of getting to that point, these few simple steps should help to minimize the paper clutter and save you valuable time.

Paper clutter organization
Centralized space. Create a specific location for the mail and ample space to go through it. This way if someone else happens to get the mail, they will know where to put it and it won’t be scattered throughout the house. Creating a command center is a great way to help keep everything you carry in the door organized and in one place.

Sort the mail right away. The longer you let the mail pile up, the more daunting of a task it becomes. Instead, take it day by and day and make it a habit to sort through it all as soon as you get it. Toss the junk mail and divide up the rest.

Create an organizational system. Once you sort through the mall you will need to create a system to keep things tidy and organized. Designate a wall- mount organizer, filing system, or letter trays to differentiate the mail and label accordingly (to pay, to do, to file). Bills and timely mail (ones that have due dates) usually need to coincide with when you get paid, so file them in a section that requires action and set a reminder on the calendar!

Stick to it. Any organizational system is not going to work unless you make it a routine. Find out what works for you and your family in order to succeed and make it happen. It’s also a good idea to keep the items inside their envelopes to keep things orderly and in case there are addresses you may need to reference.

Create a system for organizing bills and mail
Don’t overthink it. A system, trash bin, calendar, pens, envelopes and stamps are all you really need to put the process into action. By staying on top of it, you reduce the chance of misplacing important items and can enjoy the good mail without having a pile of papers staring back at you!

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