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I get a lot of questions about living an organized lifestyle, so why not start a top 5 Q’s series to answer some of them! Hopefully these question and answers can help you to start de-cluttering and organize one project at a time.

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The mudroom seems to be the place where everything gets thrown on the daily. How can I contain entryway clutter?

First, think of the things that are regularly cluttering that area. Now create an easy drop off space for each member of the family with wall hooks (for coats or backpacks), labeled shoe bins, key holder etc. Look for solutions specific to the items that usually end up in the entryway. Muddy shoes an issue? Put a boot tray by the door!

What should I do with all of the recipes I have torn out of magazines?

Create a labeled binder with all of your favorite recipes. You can use dividers to differentiate cuisines and make it easy to find your favorite dessert! You can even decorate the front of the binders and add your own personal touch!

I have accumulated so many re-useable bags and don’t know what to do with them!

First, go through them all. Toss the ones that have seen better days, the ones you never use, or the impractical ones (too small, too big, etc.). Then decide what you want to use each bag for; kids lunches, grocery store, etc. Now you can start organizing! Fold each bag (use the file folding technique) and put them into a basket or bin, then place them where you can easily access them. Hint: for the kids’ lunches, put them near the sandwich bags. For the grocery store, put them near your garage door or in your car (just make sure to put them in a place where you will remember to use them!)

Old photos I can’t toss, what to do!

Gather all of the loose photos into one place. Now you can sort through all the photos and categorize them. You can categorize them by year, eras of your life (high school, first years of marriage), events (or holidays), or however you would like! Once they are all sorted you can digitally scan them to your computer, place them into a photo box (these hold a lot of photos), scrapbook, or photo album. Just remember to label the boxes according to the categories you decide (this will make it easier to find specific photos in the future!)

What are some of your favorite organizing items?

Literally everything at The Container Store! And Sharpies. I just love them. I use them in my planner, to label, a thank you note, to-do lists, anytime I am writing; odds are it is probably with a fun colored sharpie. I love mail and paper organizers, like this one. Everyone has loose paper hanging around, so I like having it altogether and prioritized. I also love baskets. There is a huge variety; I can use one for sports equipment in the garage and another in the living room for blankets. They are so versatile.

Do you have organizing or lifestyle questions? Write them in the comments section and I will gather some for my next top 5 Q’s post! Don’t forget to follow Life in Jeneral on Instagram and Twitter for more organizing inspiration!

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