Playroom Organizing Tips

We have seen our fair share of playrooms and it is safe to say that it is near impossible to have only 5 trucks or only 5 dolls. Holidays, birthdays, good behavior, whatever the reason, toys accumulate at such an incredible rate! With so many toys, kids can forget what they even have! The best storage options to get organized should make it easy for kids to find what they want and clean it up when they’re done!

Tips on organizing a playroom
Go through all the toys and toss anything that is broken, missing pieces, or doesn’t work. A good rule of thumb is when they receive a new toy or book, to donate an old one–so another child can enjoy it. Usually we love to make the most out of vertical space, but with a playroom it is important to keep everything easily accessible for the kids!

  • Keep categories together: trucks, legos, dolls, trains, wooden blocks, etc.
  • Depending on the space, designate cubby storage (various sizes) for each child or a larger one that can hold all the categorized toys
  • Organize books by color or type with the titles facing outward (car books, bedtime books, interactive books)
  • Label the bins/baskets with pictures (for kids too young to read!) and words
  • Use open bins for larger toys and stuffed animals
  • Use containers with lids for items with small pieces (so they won’t fall out!)
  • Games, seasonal items, and special occasion toys can be stored on a higher shelf, since they will be less frequently used
  • If you have a storage closet, this would be a great place to hang costumes and dress up attire. No closet? Hang a few hooks on the wall!
  • Use a collapsible storage bin with handle to make it easy to take toys over to a friends house or for travel
  • Make things new again by storing a handful of books/toys and rotate them every once and awhile (set a reminder on your phone to rotate every 3 months or so)
  • Define a space for creativity
    • Lego building prodigy? Organize and label pull out bins by color, with a tabletop for them to build and display their creations!
    • Love to draw? An activity table doubles as storage for supplies and has a table to create a masterpiece!
    • A less specific option is getting a short table (or coffee table) with storage underneath. This can work as a train table, space for a dollhouse, or a place to work on puzzles.

Regularly go through the playroom and toss broken toys or donate items that the kids have grown out of (or box up the special ones for younger kids/siblings). Have the kids organize and clean up with you, so they know the routine the next time they head to the playroom! The goal is to make things accessible, simple and easy to maintain.

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