Closet Clean Out

Spring has officially sprung!! And that means fun pops of color are back and we can push those coats aside! Although our people in L.A. may not feel the weather change as much as others, it is still a great time to hit the refresh button on our wardrobes. Beyond the weather change, clothes have probably been accumulating throughout the past seasons and the phrase “I have nothing to wear” emerges as we stare at our overstuffed closets. If this is the case, it may be time for a good closet clean out. Time to shed a few layers and come out lighter and brighter!

You will need to dedicate a good amount of time in order to completely overhaul your closet. Set aside the time to go through every item and be mentally prepared to touch and try it all on. If the thought of going through everything is a little overwhelming, take it one category at a time (shoes, tops, pants, etc.). When beginning to clean out your closet, gather all of your clothing into one place. It is important to lay everything out at once so you are aware of everything that you have (don’t forget the hall closet and anything hiding in the nooks and crannies of your closet space).

As you go through your closet, touch each piece of clothing, try it on, and ask yourself a few questions: When was the last time I wore this? Does it still fit? How does it make me feel? Would I purchase this in store now? Be honest with yourself as you decide piece by piece.

Closet clean out

Once you make a decision on the clothing item, place it in the appropriate bin (or whatever you have): Keep. Toss. Donate. And Sell.

Keep. Only the items that fit right and make you feel amazing.

Toss. Anything with holes or items that are really worn.

Donate. Items that may not have great resale value, but you would feel comfortable giving to a friend.

Sell. Clothing pieces that are in good condition, but just aren’t for you anymore. See our how to sell used clothing post for some great options.

Clean out your closet

Be mindful as you put your clothing back into the closet. Investing in similar hangers, a shoe rack, or bins will make things easier to see and you will be more likely to wear everything you own.

Remember, they’re just clothes. And whatever you get rid of will have a new life with someone else. The idea behind a closet clean out is to get rid of clothing pieces that no longer serve their purpose, no matter the reason. The result is a simple, yet cohesive closet that is filled with pieces that make you feel good and that you enjoy wearing. It can also make getting ready in the morning quicker and more enjoyable!

“Opening up your closet should be like arriving to a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like” – Amy Fine Collins.

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