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We can all agree that any room can end up being a catch-all for whatever it is that doesn’t have a place or isn’t put pack in its place. But we think it’s safe to say that the laundry room is definitely on the top of that list, where things just seem to accumulate. Start by taking everything out and relocate items that just don’t belong in the laundry room. Once you see what you do have, it will be easier to create an organized setup that works for you.

5 tips on creating a laundry space that works for you
Separate laundry products from cleaning products and so on. Find a container/bin without a lid for easy access and keep them in a convenient location (above/next to the washer). Containerize the remaining products and put a label on them so you won’t forget what goes where AND to make it easy for someone else to do the laundry! (wishful thinking??) Same goes for sewing essentials, towels, robes or anything else you want to keep in the laundry room.
How to keep your laundry room clean + organized
Make the space work for you. If you are constantly finding pockets full of treasures, a basket or bin can work as a lost and found for miscellaneous items. Use another basket for those few socks that always seem to go astray and at the end of each week reunite the items with their previous owners.

Simplify the process and pre-sort dirty clothes with a dual hamper that has two separate sections for lights and darks. It’s an easy way to cut down laundry time and eliminates the piles scattered all over the laundry room floor.

Laundry rooms aren’t usually the biggest rooms in the house. So when it comes to hanging clothes to dry, save some space with a wall mounted drying rack. This way, if there is a counter, you can actually use it to fold clothes!

Eliminate the guessing game and free up some brain space, by creating a master laundry list. Designate a day per week and make note of what should be washed each day. Towels on Tuesday. Sheets on Sunday. Write it on a chalkboard or print it out and hang it so everyone knows the washing schedule.

Since doing laundry is inevitable, might as well create a space that is enjoyable to be in and is on the latter end of the dirty/clean process.

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